Relationship Testing

Maternity – To determine whether a woman tested is the biological mother of the child.

Grandparent – If the possible father is not available for testing, a grandparent test can confirm a family relationship. One or both of the possible father’s parents can be tested.

Siblings – When 2 people are wanting to know if they share the same parent and the mother or father are not available. Full sibling and half sibling test available.

Twins – Also called a twin zygosity – this is the only test to positively confirm whether twins are identical or fraternal.

Avuncular – This test is an option when the possible father is not available for testing and the only relative is a possible aunt or uncle.

Male Lineage – A Y-STR comparison test is to tell if a male is from the same paternal line by sharing the same direct male y-chromosome lineage.

Female Lineage – The mtDNA comparison test uses mitochondrial analysis to confirm relationship through the maternal/female side of a family.