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Testing Services

Legal Paternity

Determines whether or not a tested man is the biological father
of a child through a chain of custody collection with a certified facility.

Non-Legal Paternity

When you want answers for personal knowledge and peace of mind without having to make an appointment for the collection.

Prenatal Paternity

Allows you to determine the biological father
of an unborn child as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Relationship Testing

When you need to confirm a biological relationship
using different methods besides paternity.

Lifestyle Testing

Gain insights from the inside out to improve your quality of life and have fun with these new DNA test

Infedility Testing

If you suspect a partner is cheating, this science-based DNA testing can help you make an informed decision about your relationship’s future.

Viability Testing

Various types of samples can be processed for DNA Testing after a viability test is performed. 

Gender Testing

Having your gender identity testing done through NWA DNA Testing can ensure accurate, professional collection, confidential communication and speedy results.

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