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Since 1991, customers have trusted NWA DNA to handle over
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Every situation is unique. Contact us at your convenience, and we can discuss your options.

Now Available: Early Baby Gender DNA Test

Utilizing some of the most advanced DNA technology through Peekaboo Pro TM Early Detection Gender DNA Test, parents can find out the baby’s gender up to 13 weeks earlier than a standard ultrasound.

Legal Paternity

Determines whether or not a tested man is the biological father of a child through a chain of custody collection with a certified facility.

Prenatal Paternity

Allows you to determine the biological father of an unborn child as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Relationship Testing

When you need to confirm a biological relationship using different methods besides paternity. 

Lifestyle Testing

Gain new insights from the inside out to improve your quality of life and have fun with these new DNA Tests

Infidelity Testing

If you suspect a partner is cheating this science-based DNA testing can help you make an informed decision about your relationship’s future.

Viability Testing

Various types of samples can be process for DNA testing after a viability test is performed.

Why Choose Us?

NWA DNA Testing is a small, local company that has the capacity and connections of a larger organization. Providing personalized local collection services, NWA DNA partners with one of the most accredited DNA testing labs in the world. While able to arrange collections anywhere in the United States, each NWA DNA case is personally managed locally by a NWA DNA team member. NWA DNA provides collections for: 

 Child Support Enforcement  Department of Human Services
 Attorneys  Physicians
 Incarcerated  Personal

What to Expect from
Our Process

DNA samples are collected.

Call, text or email to set up an appointment for the DNA collection. We will collect the sample at a mutually convenient appointment time, which will take no more that 15 minutes. 

If needed, separate appointments are available upon request at no additional charge. You will receive an appointment confirmation text the morning of your appointment.

DNA samples are sent to the lab.

The DNA samples are sent to the lab via FedEx Overnight. 

Once the lab receives your samples, you will be sent a text notifying you that testing has begun and providing you with an estimated date you will receive the results.

DNA results are received.

 As soon as the lab has completed testing, you will be personally notified of your results.

  Official documentation will follow in approximately 7-10 days.

We recognize that each situation is unique, so please let us know if adjustments need to be made to this process to help ensure a confidential collection.

Customer Reviews


Zoey Naylor – Attorney

I always recommend Ms. Moreland with NWA DNA for anyone who needs paternity testing. She is fast, thorough, and reasonably priced. She has wonderful flexibility to work around the NW Arkansas area and go directly to clients – much easier when dealing with small children! Highly recommended.

Matt D.

Mrs. Moreland was awesome. she is willing to work with you. She has been straight up honest to the truth. When she says something specific she was right on the dot. If I need her again, she is the first one who I will call. Thank you so much Mrs. Moreland!

Marco G.


Was very helpful and informative.

Miguel F.

Carrie S.

Paige is wonderful. We felt incredibly comfortable with her. She informed us of the details as soon as they came in. Highly recommend her for her services.

Richard G.

Great service. Paige went above and beyond my expectations. With fast results. I would recommend Northwest Arkansas DNA to anyone.

Justin R.

No better choice, If your looking to get things taken care of quickly and in a professional Manor.


Would recommend to anyone looking to having a dna done Paige is very reliable and Compassionate I’m very pleased with the service I got…

Travis J.

Very happy with the service

Lewis S.

Patrick Lewis – Attorney

Paige is a consummate professional through and through, while having a heart of gold as well. Really can’t say enough nice things about her. I’m an attorney that does a ton of family law, and I couldn’t do it all half as well without Paige.

Kaela H.

Very happy with the speed of the results and how kind and helpful Miss Paige Moorland is. Thank you Paige!!

Lisa V.

Paige was wonderful in a very difficult situation. I would highly recommend!

Richard G.

Absolutely a painless and pleasant process!!!!

Connor G.

100% satisfied with the testing done by Paige!! Very friendly and very professional!!


We choose Paige because she local and she was pretty informative about the immigration process. Paige was amazing through the whole process, extremely helpful and was committed til the end. I would recommend her to everyone!

Phil B.

Having never done a DNA test and having no idea what’s involved, I sure lucked out by calling Paige, and glad I did. She was very responsive, friendly, and compassionate. She kept me updated and scheduled/managed everything through the process.

Kayla S.

Paige was so amazing! I had grandparent DNA done and she was able to help even with my kids grandfather being in a different state. She came to my home when I wasn’t able to go to her office. I would definitely recommend her to ANYBODY who asks!

McKenzie R.

Provided a great service. Took no time to get a test done and was cheap. Got the results within a week.

Kindall G.


Very helpful easy to work with. Satisfied

Brittany W.

Wonderful Lady with a huge heart to help. I got all the help I needed. Thank you so much

Christy B.

Excellent service!!! Excellent to work with and very pleasant. I recommend Northwest Arkansas DNA to anyone.

Keonnah S.

I highly recommend that you use her services! She is very friendly, professional, thorough, and willing to go out of her way to help you the best way she can. Even if that means her coming to you, if you cant make it to her. Not to mention the accuracy and timely manner you receive your information.

Tiffeny M.

She was great and so friendly and was right on time with our results thank you so much

Allen M.

Ms. Paige was wonderful! She was informative, professional, courteous and more. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Thank you again for your time!

John P.

Great service… quick results and was willing to meet at my convenience instead of making me wait

Joseph A.

Very professional and timely. Goes above and beyond what is expected. Definitely would recommend it to anyone needing this kind of work.

Josh D.

Jackie O.

Me S.

My sister and I had a great experience! Paige was always so helpful and kind and always answered any questions that I had. She handled everything very well!

Emerald C.

Kaly A.

She is friendly and very professional. The information was very clear and made to where I could understand. The time and accuracy getting my results was efficient.

Heidi R.

Not many people possess the finesse it takes to do this. Asking someone for a DNA test could be a very unpredictable request. Paige knows exactly what to do and say to get the job done!

Tim W.

Very professional very caring reasonable price I would recommend her high to everyone who needs testing done

Bailey N.

Gabby T.

i loved how personal she was about it rather than making us feel like just another couple of parents… It meant a lot. The service was great

Kenny C.

Very happy she was very helpful and professional would recommend to anyone looking for fast DNA test

Melody L.

Fast and Easy on the kids. She’s very direct and friendly.

Chantelle S.

Jamie A.

Great experience. Paige was very kind and accommodating.

Sara H.

I worked with Paige for a siblingship test! She was awesome! I felt very comfortable talking with her and sharing in something very personal. She went out of her way to help me and I could tell, would do whatever she could to help me where she could. I definitely recommend using her. The results were back very quick!!

Eduardo D.

Fast response

Caron B.

Paige is great, she makes you seem like your talking to a friend. She is also very flexible.

Sarah K.

Paige was VERY kind, professional, patient and easy to talk to. I would HIGHLY recommend her services. She answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. If I ever need a DNA test again, I wouldn’t use anyone but her.

Nikki K.

Very good.

Lucas R.

This is the place to go! She has been an absolute dream to work with and I recommend her services to everyone in need! THANK YOU SO MUCH

Cheyenne W.

Very professional. Everything done in a timely manner.

Cody H.

Cody M.

Paige is awesome. Very nice and extremely on point with the testing. I highly recommend her to anyone needed DNA testing done!!!!!!!

Trevor R.

Great kind and got me the results i wanted i highly recommend this place

Dustin G.

She was very kind an understanding… An even forwarded my results to my attorney… Highly recommend

Summer D.

Jorge P.

She was amazing, professional and very patient. I highly recommend her.

Mallory J

Paige was extremely friendly, professional, and caring. I truly enjoyed meeting her and providing our services to NWA DNA.

Aaron C.

I drove two and a half hours to go see her it was totally worth the drive she’s awesome and really polite she answered all my questions and is very responsive

Bravo S.

Awesome and reliable ! This was my first time ever getting a DNA test and my results came back fairly quick. Paige was an awesome and went above and beyond to help me in my situation . Thanks again for the help.

Maria A.

excellent service very friendly

Aaron N.

This is very Professional

Jesus S.

Kendra R.

I was a little sceptical at first but once I made the appointment and I got into the office, she was professional, clean and so courteous.

Melie J.

Such a great experience!! Good prices !!

Marco R.

Very pleasant

Tierra M.

Great service!!

Paul H.

Paige performed a DNA test on me and my daughter and was very professional in doing the tests and when the results were back made sure she explained the results and that everything was done in confidentiality.

Tommy S.

Very quick and professional. Painless experience.. highly recommend if in need of services

Martin G

Jason M.

Very professional and everything went just as Paige said it would. Thanks very much!

Mitchell J.

Kortney A.

We had been harassed for over 3 years by a woman over the possibility of maybe being the father. It was a stressful situation but we are so blessed we found Paige to help us get through the situation smoothly! If anyone needs a dna test done I strongly recommend going to her because she did an amazing job. 🙂

Wesley R.

Page is very professional and supportive with the process. I highly recommend her.

Bigg B.

Paige was such a sweetheart to work with and I had a great experience working with her! I highly recommend working with her!

hhhgggdd J.

Paige is best at her job. Professional polite and courteous. I’ve used her service twice now. And she is the best at what she does. Don’t think twice to use her service

Tyler H.

She was great and discreet

Heather K.

She was great! Makes you feel so comfortable and got our results so fast! Loved that she was so personable and you could txt her to keep in contact

Toney A.

Paige is amazing! She helped me all throughout the process, answered my questions and kept me up to date with everything!

Ryan E

Very flexible hours and very friendly. Highly recommend.

Taylor J.

Desaray C

Ceejay C.

Paige is one of a kind with her customer service. Very professional and helpful. She has a strong form of communication and upon running the test she keeps you updated throughout the whole process. Thanks again Paige!

Yvonne B

Very good experience. Professional.

Jason M.

This was super fast service and very confidential she made this process extremely easy thanks again

Lucero M.

Excellent service and attendance!

Kyle H.

This is a great place very professional! Paige very good about keeping in touch and fast to respond with results! You are more to her then just another test! Thanks Paige!!!👍👍

Brooklyn G.

Highly recommend!! Paige is the sweetest and explains every step!

Jessica O.

Paige was great at providing my family with her services. She is very professional and we would highly recommend her to anyone needing DNA services in the area!

Jose H.

Great customer service. Help even tough I was wasn’t in the same state highly recommended!!!!

Kameron N.

Super fast and professional. Great with my son and with keeping me informed through the whole process thank you!

Rex W.

Great Service, Very Knowledgeable, Fast Returns.

Scott W.

Jesus S.

The way that they attended me is very professional I was very pleased with my experience that I had with my visit there, I appreciate the info they gave me that came with the DNA test all in all very professional and very flexible with any timing and definitely an example of a business that puts their customers first

Javier L.

Paige was so helpful and informative. She was available seemed like 24/7

Jessica B.

We’ve worked with NWA DNA testing multiple times and have always had great experiences. They are flexible, reliable, have great communication and are always very friendly! We won’t use anyone else. Highly recommend!

Monserratt G.

Very friendly, comfortable atmosphere and got results in two business days.

James J.

Very hospitable

Mrponytail C.

I would like to say that Miss Paige was very informative and very nice. .. and I would recommend. Anyone who was needing her services to get in touch with Miss Paige for your help. You won’t be disappointed. She does her job very well and helped make it a better experience than I was expecting. Thank you Miss Paige for all your help .

Patty S.

Miss Paige was very nice and kept us informed through the process. She responded quickly and made our experience much better than we expected . I would highly recommend. She does her job very well and treated us with the upmost respect and made the process feel so comfortable. Thank you Miss Paige won’t go any where but here!!!

Tara S.

She is very professional made everything very easy to do and made the process run very smoothly

Christina W.

Very nice! very efficient! Would most definitely use again if needed!

Jackie M.

Very professional, very personable… worked with my crazy work schedule and stayed in contact through the whole process.. highly recommend!

Sara H.

I worked with Paige for a siblingship test! She was awesome! I felt very comfortable talking with her and sharing in something very personal. She went out of her way to help me and I could tell, would do whatever she could to help me where she could. I definitely recommend using her. The results were back very quick!!

Tevin C.

Paige Moreland was amazing. The fact that she came to our location. How presentational she was and informational on how things work and what she is doing. Would recommend Paige for my next child 😉

Veronica A.

Paige is very professional, kind, and easy to talk to. She walked us through and kept us informed throughout the process. I highly recommend her!

Felicia H.

Paige is absolutely Amazing!! Very professional and excellent service! She is extremely detailed and explains everything about the Process. Not to mention how fast you get the results back. I would highly recommend her!!

Jairo A.

Glad to have gone here, life changing experience & as well as Fast Results!! Highly recommend to those who need a test. Worth the drive over there

Darnisha O.

Caring, nice personality. Made me feel comfortable about the situation. Fast results. I would definitely recommend Paige to anyone.

Sarah L.

Such a pleasant experience! I highly recommend working with Paige. Not only was she professional, but she made sure to build a connection and relationship with my son throughout the process! NWA DNA Testing was thorough in every way while keeping our best interest in mind. I couldn’t imagine going through this without their help!

Christy C.

Paige was extremely professional. She answered all my questions. She made the whole experience as comfortable as possible. I’d recommend her to anyone needing these services.

Mandi T.

Paige was very professional. She was able to communicate via phone and email. She responded quickly and answered all questions. Making an appointment was easy. I would definitely recommend her.

Dakota J.

She was quick with the results and she was super nice and answered any questions i had.

Kortney A.

We had been harassed for over 3 years by a woman over the possibility of maybe being the father. It was a stressful situation but we are so blessed we found Paige to help us get through the situation smoothly! If anyone needs a dna test done I strongly recommend going to her because she did an amazing job. 🙂

John G.

Paige was very professional and did an amazing job coordinating the whole process for us. I would highly recommend her services.

Kyle L.

Quick response to first text… Great comunnication And provided me with every answer I needed… Thank you greatly

Renae R.

Paige made the situation comfortable and pleasant. Results were quick and accurate. She also worked with our schedule.

Jennifer C.

Paige goes above and beyond to make sure you get taken care of! She is fast and super efficient. We love using her services and will always continue to use Paige when need be.

Michelle S.

Paige was exceptionally helpful and went the extra mile to help resolve a glitch with the mail. She was professional and sincere, I would highly recommend her.

Tracey G.

Paige is awesome to talk to and work with. She gets the results back fast and shes affordable. Highly recommend her to anyone that needs testing done.

Cayleigh H.

Paige is absolutely amazing! She made our experience so pleasant and made us all feel so comfortable. We absolutely loved Paige and would recommend her to anyone. She is the best.

Marria G.

Understanding, flexible, and affordable for the testing we got. They made our process as simple as could be, worked around our schedule, and we got a results quick. BIG THANK YOU TO THIS OFFICE!

Sarahi G.

Paige is awesome. Did not have that chance to meet her. But the several times i got to speak to her over the phone she is an incredible person. I had to get A DNA test that took several months to get approved. But as soon it got approved she was on it and in a couple days we had results. Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get a DNA test done and get fast result.

Chris F.

Paige was great! Very friendly and professional. Made the process quick, easy, and comfortable! Highly recommend!

Hannah Y.

Paige Moreland is a kind and trustworthy person. The experience was painless with quick results.

Forrest E.

I highly recommend this place over any other DNA testing place in the area. Very discreet and the results came back fast.

Ceejay C.

Paige is one of a kind with her customer service. Very professional and helpful. She has a strong form of communication and upon running the test she keeps you updated throughout the whole process. Thanks again Paige!

Yanet C.

Paige Moreland was truly exceptional! My nonprofit was helping an immigrant family get their children back. She visited the parents and the children, and even came back to get a signature we had missed in the paperwork. She kept us informed every step of the way and was instrumental in helping us get the test results back in a day so the children didn’t have to be away from their mother any longer. I highly recommend using her services if you need to get a DNA test done.

Peyton F.

Paige is such a wonderful woman to work with. She communicates very well and keeps in touch every step of the way. I would send anyone to her!